Character Profile: Laney Brennan

NAME: Elaine Constance Brennan      AGE: 27 years

HEIGHT: 5′ 9″                                              WEIGHT: 158 lbs

BIRTH DATE: September 4                   HAIR: deep auburn, curly, long

EYES: whiskey brown                                BIRTHPLACE: Portland, OR

OTHER FACIAL FEATURES/OTHER APPEARANCE DETAILS: her mouth is a bit too large for her face and she has an upturned nose, her skin freckles easily

DRESS (Style, colors): She blends feminine charm with masculine comfort

DESCRIPTION OF HOME: Spartan, very orderly, small apartment

DOMINANT CHARACTER TRAIT: courageous, she goes after what she wants even though it scares her silly, she sticks up for her friends, she admits when she’s wrong and takes responsibility for her mistakes

SECONDARY CHARACTER TRAIT: tender-hearted, she doesn’t let men get too close, she thinks this is her greatest weakness, her feelings are easily hurt and she can become downright nasty

BEST FRIEND: Paolo Avola, Laney gets along better with men

OTHER FRIENDS: Chely Cavallaro, one of her only female friends and only because Pao is good friends with Chely too; Llars Birchmund is her only ex-boyfriend/lover and they are still friends with fringe benefits

ENEMIES and WHY: Erik Van Camp because he hates her for writing a fair if less than flattering review of his solo project. Tantra, her sister, for reasons only Tantra knows.

FAMILY: She knows Drew Monza as her uncle. She is very close to him. He is her only surviving parent figure. Janelle “Jan” Brennan, who operates under the stage name of Tantra, is her sister.

What kind of person is character with others (name persons and describe interaction):

With Pao, she jokes and is relaxed to some degree.

With Chely she is familiar but still guarded.

With Uncle Drew she is a girl and mostly relaxed.

With Birchman, she is a little less guarded than she is with Pao but she harbors resentment about the way he left her to follow his dream to be a rock star (he’s still working on that).

With Tantra, she is courteous and very guarded. They are estranged. She isn’t sure why Tantra is so angry with her and when she finds out, she’s surprised.

With Van Camp, she is so guarded that she only speaks when spoken too.

Sees self as: ordinary, too tall, too awkward, and too fat; she admires the talents of others and doesn’t recognize her own unless Pao or Birchman rubs her nose in it

Is seen by others as: reserved, gracious, and always a lady. Pao tries to get under her skin because he wants her to open up more. Chely wants to be closer friends but her own British reserve gets in the way.

Sense of humor: dry and compassionate

Temper: slow to anger but when she hits that threshold, it’s hard to pull back; she has certain buttons that will throw her into a temper but she isn’t always aware of what they are and her anger bothers her

Basic nature: conscientious, loyal, and intelligent

Ambitions: to be Editor-in-Chief of her own magazine or to run her own record label – metal of course

Educational background: Laney has a degree in Creative Writing & Literature from Naropa University. She’s been taking business classes from the Community College of Denver also.

Work experience: Laney was a copy/technical writer for Summit Medical, a national medical equipment supplier located in Aurora, CO (E. Colfax Ave near the University of Colorado Hospital). She held this job from the summer she graduated college to three years ago when she joined MFM.

Philosophy of life: she’s trying her best to have a good relationship with herself. She doesn’t want to be like her mother, who loved Laney’s father so much that his desertion slowly killed her. She is not a woman who NEEDS a man.

Habits: Laney is OCD to a noticeable degree. She straightens her environment to soothe unsettled emotions and exert a sense of control over the events in her life if not actual order. She has a routine and gets cranky when it’s interrupted.

Talents (when character looks good): Laney is the best friend you could have when you’re in a bind. She just knows what to say and what to do. She’s also a phenomenal writer who knows just the right turn of phrase to make transparent the most opaque of subjects.

Hobbies/past times: Laney collects band memorabilia, she’s addicted to social media, enjoys coffee shops and brew pubs, and she’s writing her Uncle’s biography.

Choice of entertainments: Metal shows, Renaissance fairs, Fantasy cons, and street festivals – she likes crowds because she can get lost in them.

What trait will make this character come alive?: Her fierceness – she’s kind and approachable but she’s a lioness when roused

Why is this character likeable? She knows how to laugh at herself

Why is character this loveable? She does what is right, even when it isn’t the easiest path


(responses in his/her own voice)

OCCUPATION: I am a metal music journalist and it’s the best job ever. I can see and meet any band I want, that’s how awesome this magazine is. I get to go on the road. I see all kinds of amazing venues. I meet so many interesting people and that press pass just makes it happen. I get to work with my best friend, Pao, too. I have my own office. It’s not much but it has the best view of the Rocky Mountains. One day, I would love to have my own magazine and be an Editor-in-Chief. If not that, then I’d like to have my own record label.

CURRENT HOME: I live in an apartment in Boulder, Colorado. It’s okay but it’s not a permanent home. The best thing about my apartment is its location to work (I can walk even in winter). The worst thing about it is the size – the closet is tiny. Things that I enjoy about my place – my neighbors are quiet but friendly, it’s safe, and it’s clean (no pests). Annoying things about my place – the kitchen and bathrooms are tiny, lack of storage, and there are problems with the pipes and electrical, especially in the winter.

MARITAL STATUS: I’m single. I don’t know if I want to be married. I don’t know if I’ll ever be in a relationship at this rate.

CHILDREN: I would like to have children at some point but that would require a man’s involvement. Don’t get me wrong, I love men. I just don’t want to be dependent on a man for anything. Having a child would make that near impossible.

FAVORITE PIG OUT FOOD: I love Indian food, especially Saag Gosht. It’s lamb in a spinach yogurt sauce. Oh my god, it is so good on basmati rice and with some Naan. Then I’ll have a Mango Lassi for desert. Good stuff.

FAVORITE PERFORMER/AUTHOR/SPORTSMAN ETC: I love extreme metal. My favorite metal band is Type O Negative. That’s goth or doom metal depending on who you ask and it’s so sad that they won’t be making music anymore. Peter Steele passed away from heart failure on April 14, 2010 (don’t laugh, but I celebrate his “dead” day and his birthday, which was January 4, 1962). He was the lead singer, composer and bassist for the band so he was a key element to their sound. He was a few years older than my uncle but man, he was super hot. I really like men with long, dark hair. And he was tall, 6’6″ so I would have felt absolutely tiny next to him <sighs>. And the sinister aura just gets me all hot and bothered.

EVERY NEW YEAR’S I RESOLVE TO: learn how to play the bass guitar and I fail miserably. I have no musical talent what so ever. You would think with my Uncle Drew and Janelle both being in the music industry that I would have some clue. I have an ear that works like an auto-tuner and a metronome combined, but I can’t seem to go beyond the appreciation of music, so I write about it.

NOBODY KNOWS I AM: a complete fan girl with a total alternate online identity and social media presence @duperfangirl. I write a blog about meeting all my favorite musicians, the memorabilia I collect, and the pictures I’ve taken. I’m an amateur photographer. I’m not amazing but I’m told I have a good eye.

I WISH I COULD STOP: obsessing over every nuance of what people say or do and how this reflects on their opinion of me. Pao tells me it’s none of my business what other people think about me. It stresses me out too.

I’M A SUCKER FOR: Caramel macchiato from Holy Joe’s. That’s the way to approach me when I’m testy.

THE WORST PART OF MY LIFE IS: that my father left, my mother died and I’m estranged from my little sister for reasons only she knows. It gets even worse when Erik Van Camp becomes my boss and threatens my job. He goes out of his way to make me miserable. And it doesn’t stop there. Things go from bad to worse so make sure you read the book.

I WANT TO TEACH MY CHILDREN THAT: the only people who are always there for you are your family so make sure you let them know how much you love them.

A GOOD TIME FOR ME IS: a metal show where I know the bands, can hang out after the show, and there’s good micro-beer on tap.

THE WORST ADVICE THAT MY MOTHER GAVE ME WAS: find a good man and settle down. With my father (who abandoned her) and my uncle (who dates a different woman every week) as male role models, I’m not sure I’m wired to pick a man who wants to settle down. There is no way I’ll wind up like my mother.

I THOUGHT I WAS GROWN UP WHEN: my mother died.

WHEN I FEEL SORRY FOR MYSELF I: indulge in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and read a trashy romance.

NOBODY WOULD BELIEVE ME IF THEY SAW ME: wearing a skirt and heels. I will if required but the skirt makes me feel exposed and the heels make me feel like Godzilla.

MY FRIENDS LIKE ME BECAUSE: I’m down-to-earth, discrete, and loyal.

MY PET PEEVE IS: hypocrisy. If you’re going to hold a position or require others to do something, be prepared to defend the position and to do the required something.

MY MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT: My fan-girl blog has over a ten thousand followers and receives significant traffic. I have thousands of followers on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Google.

I CAN DIE HAPPY WHEN: I’ve earned Editor In Chief.

I’D REALLY RATHER: go on tour as a roadie for an up-and-upcoming metal band, especially in Europe, and write their blog and handle their social media. That would be so epic.

MY MOST HUMBLING EXPERIENCE WAS: when my father left us for another man! Of course, this will be eclipsed by finding out how dysfunctional my family really is!

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