Hocus Pocus?

A “published” writer since the tender age of 12, IO KIRKWOOD’S fantasy short stories have graced the pages of many a school literary magazine. She set aside her dreams of writing to raise a family but the fever never quite left.

Io’s genre runs towards dark, urban and ultimately pagan fantasy. As one of the co-founders of Clan Bradan, an eclectic Feri trad, her world view infuses the alternate historical worlds she creates.

Io is also working on a non-fiction book, The Art of Magickal Living, in which she brings a unique perspective to why and how “Hocus Pocus,” also known as Magick, works despite the materialism and atheism of our modern world.

As an avid reader, Io believes that her desire to create the written word should be informed by the needs of her potential readers. She is working on a number of fiction and non-fiction projects and wants your input.

Visit here often to see what Io has up her sleeve and you may have a hand in her next creation.

Published by I.O. Kirkwood

Vibrational Alchemist ~ Medium ~ Writer

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