Call for Interaction

Blogs require multiple posts to be successful, so I’m soliciting your input into the process. I need you to hold me, a writer/procrastinator extraordinaire, accountable for producing exceptional, and ultimately useful, product. You’ll also help me shake a serious case of the holiday blues.

Here’s the plan:

You, the audience and co-creators of all things bloggable, shall submit questions to me about Magickal Living. Now don’t worry if you don’t know anything about the aforementioned theme. There are no stupid questions. And if you do know what it’s about, erudite and snarky questions are equally welcome. Please make me laugh, make me think, and extricate me from the coma (comma?) that has become my life.

This is also your opportunity to bring your blog to my attention because if I like your question, I’m going to visit your blog. I’m going to post and friend you on Facebook and invite you to my LinkedIn as well. You have been forewarned.

In the meantime, here’s a li’l something to get your juices rolling.

Anatomy of the Shadow

I’m sure you’ve read about the Shadow Self in one psychology book or another, but how do magickal people view this prickly psychological construct?  I like to have a coffee clatch, imaginary of course but it works for me. Another magickal genius has board meetings, which is congruent with his high-powered lifestyle as an executive. My musician son prefers to audition his shadows and, if possible, hold a jam session.

So what is the Shadow Self? Take this moment to write down what you think a Shadow Self is. Write down some grist for your mill about this bogey (wo-)man of the psyche. Let it flow. Don’t worry about how it might read because you want to communicate with your subconscious mind. That means free-form, stream of consciousness. I’ll give you about fifteen minutes.

When you are done, click here.

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7 thoughts on “Call for Interaction

  1. Hi Io! Here’s a Magickal Living question (I hope it’s not too broad or silly!): when performing rituals, what does it feel like in your body or guts or bones or heart? Do you feel differently during different ones for different reasons? Is there something sensibly present in your very being that connects each ritual action you perform? Or does any feeling during rituals depend on your mood, your focus, the weather, or other things that could vary day to day?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts! 🙂

    1. Sarah:

      What an excellent question. I’m going to ponder that one and get my thoughts together because that is something I have to forewarn my students about all the time. They feel “weird” things and won’t talk about them because they are afraid it is the wrong thing to feel.

      I’ll get right on that. Thank you!

  2. On the sunniest of days, or when there is no light at all, Little Sir Shadow speaks quietly to me. He tells me how to do the things that make me small. Too small to be seen. Not worth much, really. In fact, if you want peace, if you want to be happy, just disappear. Now, don’t you feel better?

    Listen, Shadow, from where you sit, you can’t see me very well. Come closer. That very bright light? That is who I am. Now that you’ve seen it, perhaps you can enjoy its glow. I do owe you a debt of gratitude, though. Without your lies, I might never have sought my truth. Thank you.

  3. My Shadows are multipule. They pulse within the confines of the darkest corners of my soul and mind. Some don’t have a name, therefore they want to be called by what they are – Anxiety, Impatience, self-doubt, etc. I have conversations with them from time to time, most are happy to go with the flow; others are having issues. That’s when we have ‘girl time.’ The ditsy one gets a rap upside the head if she can’t get with the program.

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