Embracing Shadow: Step 2b

You have written down your C.D.N.T. at this point. If you’ve come in on this post, click here; otherwise, proceed.

Your Next Mission, Should You Choose To Accept:

You will find the Equal and Opposite Positive Trait (E.O.P.T.) of your CDNT. Below is a link to a list of those kinds of character traits:


I’m sure some of you are wondering what I’m playing at, but if you remember from the Anatomy lesson, a Shadow is the flip-side of an admirable trait. You’re trying to get an idea of what that might be. I want you excited about meeting one of your Shadows because this positive trait is what your Shadow and you are capable of achieving when you work together.

Do your own research using your own sources if you like. Ingenuity is encouraged in creating a magickal life. Feel good about how you’re taking steps to grab the reins of your own speeding chariot of life.

That’s it for now, but I’ll leave you with another link that is tons of fun:


I took the Brief Strengths Test under Engagement Questionnaires and it was spot-on. Of the 24 Character Strengths assessed, Valor/Courage was my top strength. At the bottom of the list?


I laughed so hard I cried because anyone who knows me well will tell you that there isn’t a humble bone in my body!  Good thing Sense of Humor was my #2.


Next: Meeting Shadow

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