Face to Face

This is the guided meditation. If you haven’t done the preparatory work, please click here.

You may have someone read this to you, or you may record it and play it back. Soothing music to block out any distracting sounds is recommended but not required.


Close your eyes and take a deep, even breath.  You are safe in protected space. You stand in a darkened auditorium < Pause>(give the participant a few beats to visualize at each pause).

Take another deep, even breath and walk towards the dim stage. You see a set of stairs at either end of the stage. Choose one and climb up. The boards creak under your feet. You can smell linseed oil, acrylic paint, and turpentine. <Pause>

You breathe deeply again and a spotlight glares to life. Caught in the beam of light is your Shadow. You study the shape and features, become aware of the energy coming from it, and even notice its scent. Take your time. <Pause>

Ask, “What is your name?” The Shadow responds. If not, ask again in a different way until you receive an answer, whether sound, picture, or feeling. <Pause>

Ask, “What is your purpose?” The Shadow responds. If not, ask again in a different way until your receive an answer, whether sound, picture, or feeling.<Pause>

After the Shadow has spoken, you say, “I recognize you. You are a valued part of us but somehow we have lost touch with you. ” < Pause> “Come home. We need you. We miss you.” <Pause>

You listen as the Shadow speaks. < Pause>

When the Shadow has said its piece, you respond. <Pause>

Say to the Shadow, “We have made the first steps towards understanding each other. We will visit again very soon.” <Pause>

The spotlight disappears.  You are in darkness now. Breathe deeply. The scent of oil, paint, and turpentine fades.  <Pause>

Breathe again and the boards no longer creak beneath your feet. <Pause>

Breathe one last time and feel the weight of your body. When you are ready, open your eyes. <End>

You’re not done yet: you are still in protected space. Give thanks by saying, “In the name of all that is holy, I release the energies in this space.” You may also say, “In the name of <Divine>, I release the energies in this space.”

Make sure you do this. If you forget, do it the moment your remember. Just feel yourself in that moment as you ended the meditation, and say the words. Held energy has a tendency to entropy and it loses form and turns to chaos. If it can’t move, it will wreak havoc right where you had used it to create order.

Journal: now that you have made your first journey to meet Shadow, take some time to journal. You may use the questions below to trigger your thoughts:

1. Describe how this Shadow appeared to you. Shape? Size? Color?

2. Describe other characteristics like scent, sound, and feel. Did this Shadow touch you?

3. What is this Shadow’s name?

4. What is this Shadow’s purpose?

5. What did your Shadow say to you?

Over the next week or so, keep a diary of any unusual or noteworthy events that might be related to meeting this Shadow.

If you were unable to answer questions 3 and 4, then you will need to go through the meditation again until you have the answers.

If you were able to answer questions 3 and 4, then this Shadow is ready to work with you and you will be able to speak with it whenever you feel the need.  You’ve opened up a dialogue and if you truly want to see change, then you should invest in building the relationship.

Next: Dialogue with a Shadow

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