Meeting Shadow

Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the EVENT.  If you’ve just come in on the blog, please click here.

For magickal people, certain principles become self-evident as they work with energy. One is, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Sounds Newtonian doesn’t it? That’s because magick works on the same principles as a combustion engine or the pumping of the human heart. Magick is NOT supernatural—it’s just been explained in metaphors for thousands of years because humans didn’t have physics vocabulary and equations as a language yet.

That’s why I had you do the preparatory steps of naming your Collateral Damage Negative Trait (C.D.N.T.) and identifying the Equal and Opposite Positive Trait (E.O.P.T.).

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept:

Now that you are armed with understanding,  you will meet your Shadow, the one you chose, also known as the C.D.N.T. This is the imp that has been causing you the most trouble. It is an angry, alienated aspect of your holographic personality. It’s the misanthropic teenager of your collective and you are attempting an intervention.

Don’t expect smiles and welcoming hugs. You are the insensitive jerk that has treated this entity like a left-handed, red-headed step-child for possibly years. Trust needs to be developed just like with a real person. The time it takes will depend on the collective’s ability to trust. And if you’re working on suspicion—um, give yourself plenty of time to reach an agreement with this aspect of You.

Be prepared for this process to take more than one sitting, more than one conversation. In fact, look at this as a process, an ongoing dialogue between the Shadow and you. Are you ready?

First thing you need to do is find a comfortable, quiet place to sit. The space should be conducive to relaxation. If that means darkness or a candle or incense for you, go for it. Those are all ways of putting you in a meditative state of mind.

To deepen your relaxation, you are going to straighten your spine and close your eyes. Set your hands palms up on your knees. Imagine you are a tree with your roots deep in the earth as your branches reach up into the skies. Through your roots, you take up the nourishment of earth and water. Through your branches you take in the fire of the sun and feel the cool winds whisper through your leaves. You are complete and at home.

When you have reached a state of meditative awareness, say aloud, “By all that is holy, I cleanse, bless and seal this space.” You do this to keep out nosy or disruptive energies.  Only the energies you call on purpose will be allowed inside the space you’ve created. If you have a Divine energy to call upon, you may use , “In the name of <Divine>, I cleanse, bless and seal this space.” As long as you feel safe and protected, it worked.

Practice this technique a few times if you haven’t done something similar before. When you’re ready, we’ll move on to the guided meditation.

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