Voice Recognition

When struck by a moment of inspiration, I know I have 5 seconds to do something about it. You can thank Mel Robbins for that bit of wisdom. Here is a link to the video that inspired the ongoing reinvention of my life:


So I grab whatever is handy and write it down or take a picture or something physical to lock in the idea.


I was struggling with the plot line of a particular short story. I know where it needs to end but getting there can be a bit tricky. I had my revelation last night—while driving. That’s what sucks about driving but it’s also one of the best things about driving: your brain relaxes into the routine of clutch, shift, gas, brake, turn and when you aren’t looking the roiling sea of the subconscious tosses a few fish on the beach of your conscious mind.

What to do? I send myself a text. I use voice recognition so that I’m hands free. I’m a genius, right?

Unless of course my characters have strange names. Unless of course the events are so outlandish that voice recognition says “Derp.” Unless of course I’m stuttering in my haste to get the idea fixed in my mind.

So it went something like this:

VR:         Listening…

Me:        Pippa’s house uh gets thrown down the mountainside and hmmm Speers is kidnapped.

VR:         djoaejiredkjidjfdfjeiodjfdeefjeifejf —His house aunt has to come outside 59 doms is it.

Me:        DOH!

VR:         I’m sorry. I do not understand. Try again. Listening…

Me:        (After deleting the mangled entry and a couple of bad words to express my displeasure while adjusting for the VR’s limitations, I say): Home destroyed Speers kidnapped.

VR:         djoaejiredkjidjfdfjeiodjfdeefjeifejf —Ham destroyed spares kidnapped.

Me:        Good enough – Send.

I am happy to report that the tactic worked. Despite the home’s reduction to pork butt and the dashing Speers into a spare, the idea itself remained intact and I wrung an amusing story out of the debacle. Go me.

And if you haven’t visited the link above, here it is again:


I highly recommend this pep talk. Funny, engaging, and relevant, Mel Robbins is one of the best public speakers of the day. When I grow up, I want to be JUST like her – as a brunette.

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