Firing Mechanics

I was very disappointed. I planned on attending a #NaNoWriMo meeting at 1:00 p.m. My first indication that my plans were destined for the circular file was when my car overheated one-half hour prior to reaching my destination.

I should have seen this one coming since my mechanic seems to think I’m stupid and that I don’t know his garage is systematically sabotaging my Corolla with each oil change so that I will spend more money there. One of the suggested services was a coolant flush. Of course when I opened up the hood today and looked in my coolant reservoir, it was E-M-P-T-Y. There had been no mention that I was O-U-T of or even L-O-W on coolant.

Not one to panic, I called one of my morning coffee buddies and he came on down with a bottle of coolant.  I will owe this man coffee for like a year now, but at 1:24 p.m. I was back on the road without any hitches.

My morning coffee crew.

When I arrived at the appointed destination, the place was packed. It’s a Panera Bread. I wandered around the entire place and could not, for the life of me, discern who was a writer and who was a student. The place is situated close to two colleges and that was an element I had not added into my life-of-chaos equation when planning my day.

Don’t think I had a by-the-seat-of-my-pants approach to this either. Before deciding to attend, I had looked around my #NaNoWriMo account to see if there was any contact information for the person facilitating this meeting.  I only found a name. That’s it. So I crossed my fingers and hoped I would know  my own kind.

Turns out, I wouldn’t recognize another writer unless they slapped me in the face and quoted Ernest Hemingway. I don’t know if there is a “kind” to which I could claim membership.  The Divine broke the mold when I was made.

So I bumbled around the Panera, somehow able to escape without leaving a trail of chaos in my wake, and drove home (in a car that no longer overheats) to write. If the whole point of this month of November is to write, than I think the #NaNoWriMo folks are doing a great job because here I am writing. If their point is to get writers in contact with each other and to offer face-to-face support, then I say: “Epic Fail.”

Here are my suggestions: If someone is going to facilitate, then that person should be willing to provide an email address that will allow for interaction. I think there was a contact name, but that information has been lost in my frustrated desire to just look at another writer who is committed to this challenge. This lack of information just makes me think of my mechanic and his less-than-helpful suggestions. Eventually I’m going to fire him.

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