Swedish sludgers Serpent Omega bring on the volcanic mud on killer self-titled debut

I.O.’s Aside:

Krasman’s reviews of metal music are insightful. Pay attention folks!

Meat Mead Metal

SO_8[300CL]Messy and filthy, punishing and violent. Those are really good traits if you’re describing a relatively new metal band to an audience that might not yet be familiar with the artists, and since I’m doing that today, I’m pretty comfortable with those words as descriptors for Serpent Omega.

The Swedish sludge band has been in operation for only two years now, and before their debut, self-titled record dropped earlier this year, they had only a demo to their name. But for having such little time together as a band, they’re already making some impressive steps forward with this seven-track, 36-minute album released by Mordgrimm that is finally moving its way across the world and bringing the group’s fury to more and more people. There are some easy touch points if you want comparisons before digging into the band’s music, so think of the earlier years of both Kylesa and High…

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