MBM: Creating Flawed (But Likeable) Characters, by A.L. Sowards

I.O. s Aside: Don’t forget the flaws. They spice up your characters and endear them to your readers (most of the time).

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Welcome to the tenth day of MARCH BOOK MADNESS!

Today, A.L. Sowards is here discussing characters. She’s the author of Espionage, a Whitney Award finalist this year, set in France during World War II. The sequel, Sworn Enemy, is due out this April. (Click the covers to read the synopses.) When A. L. Sowards agreed to guest post for March Book Madness, I was thrilled. Especially because she’s discussing something I struggle with — something many authors struggle with.

Cover_FRONT_Espionage updated, small version

Cover_FRONT_Sworn Enemy_lr






Creating Flawed (But Likable) Characters, by A. L. Sowards

The words stung a little because I knew they were true. One of my friends just emailed me her thoughts on an early draft of my second novel.

About the protagonist, she said, “I like him . . . but that’s all. I feel like I should have a crush on him, or want to be like him…

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