Personal Writing Goals for 2014


When you set goals, you tell your subconscious mind, “Work on this.”   Even if you’re not so sure how to go about reaching a goal, just setting that goal down on paper makes it more real than if it continued to float aimlessly about in your head.

As an example, I am setting my personal writing goals for this year in the paragraphs below.

Overarching Goal: Write through a rough draft without editing.

The Overarching Goal is my aspiration. This is the ideal I hope to attain. I want to set this goal just out of my reach to make me work harder. I’ve met the goal if by the end of the year I have moved toward the ideal. Doing this gears my subconscious to accept less than perfection. As some of us know, perfection can be as great a saboteur as lack of organization.

Sometimes I think the crying pie is a little too small in this graphic...

Sometimes I think the crying pie is a little too small in this graphic…

Now I’m going to set up my Sub-Goals. The Sub-Goal addresses a self-imposed obstacle that is holding me back from achieving my Overarching Goal.

Sub-Goal #1: Complete my romance novel. I am notorious for half finished stories and half-finished does not sell.

Sub-Goal #2: Take on writing assignments with deadlines. I want the pressure of a deadline to hold me accountable to my writing.

Sub-Goal #3: Post on my blog at least twice a week. Inertia is not my friend and I want to keep this train moving.

Sub-Goal #4: Structure and schedule the social media forums that I enjoy using. I use social media to avoid writing, especially when I’m stuck.

Now that I have sub-goals, I need to break them down into an Action List.

Action 1: Set a deadline to complete the first draft of the romance novel and write to meet that deadline.

Action 2: Accept the publisher’s assignment to a series with deadlines and multiple publication credits and attend the conference call.

Action 3: Create a list of blog topics and set up a blog schedule. (One of the previous action items was to join a Blog Hop. Now I’m committed to generating one blog post every two weeks.)

Action 4: Select the three most enjoyable social media applications, make pros and cons lists for each, and select the one with the most advantages to devote 10 minutes of activity a day.

Once I’ve completed this Action List, I can create another Action List that moves me forward. One action a week in each sub-goal will move me towards my overarching goal. I can do more than one action, but I must commit to one action per week and that will help me set realistic goals based on what my schedule looks like that week.

The Overarching Goal, the Sub-Goals, and the Action Lists can change at any time as I discover what works and doesn’t work. My writing career is a work in progress and I’m okay with that. I’m learning that accountability is a key to my success so I will give updates on my goals throughout the Blog Hop.

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