Wandering Through A Never Ending Winter

You know that person, bundled in rags and thrift shop cast offs, standing on the busiest street corner begging for your change. How many times have you walked the other way to avoid them, or stared straight ahead while they spoke to you—as if they didn’t exist? How uncomfortable does this person make you feel? Have you ever asked yourself why?

All too often, we are confronted with the flip side of the comfort and wealth we take for granted. If you can sit and read this post while munching on a snack in the comfort of your own domicile, even if it is a PB&J made in your very own trailer, you are wealthier than a significant portion of the world population.

100% of the net proceeds of BLOWSIGHT’s single “Winter Have Mercy (Thank You)” will be donated to a charity that helps the homeless. Click the graphic for more details.

But I can answer your question about why you feel uncomfortable. You feel helpless. You want to help. You wish homelessness didn’t exist. You wish you understood why there are homeless people and what inequities drove them into the streets, alone and starving.

You try to tell yourself that these people are con-artists, ex-convicts, and psychotics. You’re also told by a predominantly puritanical ethos that to help these people, you have to be an ascetic and live among them turning fish and bread meant for six into something that will feed multitudes. As comfort-loving creatures in a world that is confusing, painful, and oft-times soul-grinding, I don’t see many ascetics rising up from the masses.

So think of being cold, the kind of cold that you have felt in this never-ending winter, where the tips of your fingers and all of your toes are unceasingly numb despite layers of socks and any number of hearth fires. Think of how you shiver on a corner waiting for the light to change so you can get your lunch back to the office and you’re bundled in your Lands End down coat, suede gloves and matching wool hat and muffler.

Now magnify that tenfold, change wool and down to polyester and canvas, and add a stomach that is eating itself because a full meal—we’re not including the garbage scavenged from the dumpster behind a fast food joint—hasn’t sat in it for days. If the thought of this makes you feel helpless, think of how helpless that person feels. This is what immobilizes us, and we can change it all: one step, one dollar, and one song at a time.

BLOWSIGHT  is offering each of us an opportunity to do something about this endemic and cross-cultural inequity.  For $0.99 ($1.29 on iTunes) you can download Winter Show Mercy (Thank You). 100% of net proceeds resulting from downloads will be donated to charity in an effort to help the homeless.

A self-styled combination of PopMetalPunk, BLOWSIGHT’s single is a power ballad departure from their hard rock/heavy metal sound.  To download your copy of Winter Show Mercy (Thank You) for only $0.99 go to Amazon and for $1.29 go to iTunes.

There’s a back story to this song that you can view here. Huzzah! Here’s to warm fingers and toes and full bellies for everyone.

For more information on BLOWSIGHT, please visit these websites:

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