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blog-hop-button.jpgHaving a Sanguine writer’s personality, I’ve discovered that I must have multiple writing projects going on at the same time or I will despair of ever completing anything. Though I am a dramatic and accomplished story teller, I am easily bored with the nuts and bolts of writing and I can be derailed if I hit a snag in the writing process (why won’t this character die???).

Find out what your writer’s temperament is here.

A sanguine temperament can make completing stories—difficult. I’ve learned  a few things that promise to help me reach my goal of consistently producing finished works.

1. Diversify: this means it’s okay to have more than one project going on at a time. Each project has its own virtual planning book. If I get stuck on a project and lose my zest, I will mark where I left off, close that book, and open another one.

2. Compress. Instead of trying to write out a novel over the course of a year, I’ve taken to writing short stories. Eventually I can use them as the foundation for a novel.

3. Limit. I’ve been taking on projects that have deadlines and defined parameters. Sometimes, when the sky is the limit, I’ll get lost in the wide, blue yonder. Limits force me to honor my end of the bargain and harnesses my creative energy.


ignoring passion

I am currently working on the following:

1. Ruth Snyder’s blog hop which falls under number 3. I have enjoyed writing for this so much that I’m going to search for another blog hop.

2. A short story that plays on the Ballad of Tam Lin which falls under number 2.

3. A romance novel.

4. Another series through my publisher that has me working closely with several other authors to create an origin short story. I can’t wait to start this!

5. Just in case I get stuck, I’ll write a review of something: a book, album, or show to pull me out of a rut. These are like instant gratification bonuses for me.

6. Last but not least, I’m looking to get some of my poetry published. I need to polish it up and start submitting.

I know this looks ambitious to some and it certainly isn’t a work style that suits everyone. I wanted to share how I work to see if anyone else works this way and possibly offer a few pointers on getting the most out of my writer’s temperament.

Tell me about your writer’s personality in the comments. Stay calm and keep writing.

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18 thoughts on “Current Work(s) In Progress

  1. Thanks for participating in the blog hop 🙂 It’s been fun getting to know you a bit.
    I enjoyed reading about the writer personalities. I’m the phlegmatic 🙂
    Best wishes in your writing journey. See you around on Thirsty Thursdays!

  2. With your track record of productivity, I.O., I have no doubt that many of your WIPs will soon be finished. Thanks too for the link to the article about writer’s personality. I will check it out. Hopefully it will give me some good excuses for why I’m currently in a dry spell.

    1. Violet, dry spells are the way the Divine tells us we need to fuel up. These are necessary and beautiful periods of time where we can take in the works of others, spend time in meditation/prayer, listen to good music, and meet new and interesting people. Use this “dry” spell to broaden your spheres of influence so that you can become a more useful “instrument.” I’m having a little dry spell at the moment and if I don’t fight it but flow with it, I’ve learned that it will pass and I’ll be writing in no time.

  3. this is really interesting. after reading through the writing personality, i find that i’m somewhat phlegmatic and somewhat melanchronic. phlegmatic because i’m somewhat closed off socially, and have a hard time sharing with others. however, i try to compensate for this by delving into my characters. and i think i’m somewhat melanchronic for its artistic flare. i’m extremely visual and like a healthy flow in my writing. i don’t have issues with procrastination, i just don’t have lots of time to write.

    really fun post, thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m glad you got something out of it. I was kind of surprised at the turn my post took. Knowing your personality(s) helps you to work with your process rather than trying to put on a writing style that just doesn’t fit.

    2. And for some, time is the ultimate obstacle. I had the same issue, but I made my writing as portable as possible. I have a tablet and my music and I can write anywhere I happen to be waiting. Waiting can be a big time hog. Think of ways you can squeeze writing into your waiting moments (if you have any :))

  4. I didn’t have time the other day, but I wanted to say that I think it’s really quite scary how similar our approaches to writing seem to be.

      1. LOL — I don’t know, maybe a little both. I’m a bizarre mix of sanguine and choleric. I don’t even know how that works, but the result is that…well, I need to focus my work on smaller pieces or I’ll end up with “novels” that never end because they’re actually just my attempt to cram as many different stories about connected characters into one event cycle as possible. It’s only taken me 30 years to figure this out.

  5. I’d never thought about writing personality types before. Writing approaches, sure, like seat of the pants vs planning, but this is helpful. Thanks for the link as well as for your own illustration. I guess I’m a melancholic with a phlegmatic’s “subtle armour” to hide behind 🙂

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