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I was asked by my colleague Patti J. Smith to participate in this Writer’s World Blog Tour and her post was pretty awesome. You can read about her process here:

Gridiron Granny Football Fanatic


About Me

SavedPicture-(33)I.O. Kirkwood is a correspondent for Metal Descent, an online magazine dedicated to enlightening the masses about heavy metal music. She also writes short stories and novels. Two of her stories, “Subatomic Revolt,” volume 2 of Mike Lynch’s No Revolution Is Too Big series, and “The White Carpet,” finalist in Scribe Valley Publishing’s 2013 Short Story Contest, are available in paperback.

Patti asked me four questions and I answered them as if I were speaking to her.

What are you working on?

Right now I’m working on a lot of different things. I’m building a world for a series, writing a short story base on the Ballad of Tam Lin, writing a romance novel, writing for my blog, and writing articles for a Heavy Metal Music magazine. I just took on a series for my publisher called The Needless. I’m to write 5 stories 7-9K words each with the final installment reaching 12K words. I actually sweated as I agreed to the series. There was this tiny, gibbering voice in the back of my head that squealed about how I would fail and I’d never be able to do it all. I stepped on it. Whenever I hear that voice, I know I’m on to something.

How does your work differ from others in its genre?

I think I have a unique perspective. I’m cross-disciplinary if that makes sense. I have studied quantum physics, anatomy and physiology, alternative healing, religions of all types, psychology, anthropology, music, photography, art, dance, philosophy, the Qabala, Alchemy, even exorcism because I want to know about everything and how things that seem very different are actually related. The world is vast and mysterious. I see that as a puzzle to solve and I think it shows in what I write regardless of the genre.

Why do you write what you do?

I’ve been writing since I was 12 and it has always been sci-fi and fantasy for me. Everything I write circles back to that first story of Zelda in 7th grade. This was before the game came out. My story was a fable, an Aesop-like tale, and she had to go into a castle and rescue the Prince from the evil wizard, Jealousy. I have a fantastical mind that I’ve learned to temper with logic and empathy as I’ve gotten older.

How does your writing process work?

Deadlines are my friends. If I’m held accountable, my writing is prolific and geared to show me to the best advantage. Now that I’m forced to write about my process because this “assignment” holds me accountable, I’m thinking I would work best in a collective or with a writing partner. I don’t need anyone to hang over me as much as impose an expectation that I will produce something by a certain date in a certain fashion. I usually produce the work well ahead of the deadline. I can be organized when I want. I just wish I was this way about cleaning my house. A party or two will change that. Guests are the best motivator to vacuum.

Articles are my favorite and the easiest to produce. I write down my seed thoughts. I go back and develop them. Then I arrange the thoughts so that they progress logically. The last step is to edit for redundancies and sentence flow.

Short stories are easy for me too, especially if I’m working on a theme imposed by an editor. Once the theme is established, I write an attention grabbing beginning. After that I write the ending. When I do the end, it tells me what I have to develop in the middle so that the beginning and the end connect. The middle is a bit free-formed because I understand the need for plotting, but I’m a pantser at heart. My characters need room to breathe and I love it when they surprise me. Without that, I’d lose interest.

Novels are a way I push myself beyond my comfort zone. I get very frustrated with writing novels because I haven’t figured it out yet. I will. Once my irritation hits critical mass I’ll have an epiphany. Until then, I will wrestle with it. You can’t learn to do something if you don’t do it. Everything we do so naturally now was learned through trial and error. This is the way of things.


Follow the World Tour: the next writer to submit will be Rose F. Fischer on 06/23/14.

rose fischerRose F. Fischer is a writer and a graphic art hobbyist. She has been active on Blogger since 2009. Two of her blogs are niche-oriented, one to share her thoughts on fan culture and how it’s affected her life, and the other to showcase her graphic art and to provide a clearing house for graphic design resources and tutorials. I met Rose through her third blog, “Herding Muses (Because Herding Cats Is For Amateurs),” thanks to a blog hop via Ruth Snyder.  You can visit Rose’s blog HERE.


I have two more surprise guests who will be taking up the baton after me. Stay tuned for the reveal!

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