Swallowed by the Sun



I have traveled from island to city, a stranger, an outsider.

I search for home, the promise of acceptance offered.

I would give my flesh to warm my soul in the star of your heart.


I had thought I loved, that family and fidelity were the center.

I was thrown to a sea of sharks and indifferent waves.

Tied to a stone of betrayal, I almost drowned of my own volition.


Isolation is a bitter fruit; its grimace keeps Others outside.

I eat the whole thing, core and stem, spitting the seeds into fallow soil.

A prison of trees protects me, even from my beloved.


Your faith will crack me open,

You will stroke your shaman’s fingers through the yolk,

With reverence, my heart will bleed for you,


like the sun into the sky, I want to come home.


©2017. I.O. Kirkwood All rights reserved



Fall Into Light

You relinquished your charcoal heart
to my care. I have
smudged my fingers in your darkness,
tasted the ashes of your loneliness.

I stir the cauldron of your mind
as it simmers,
the fragrant steam a scent
of secrets and pain.

I will amalgamate your soul,
An inexorable pressure.
Lies will leak from our mouths
until fear dies.

Believe, you begged me.
Dreams more real than life,
we are creatures
of oaths and light.

From the ashes of every turn of the wheel,
we will rise, a phoenix crafted
of flame and passion.
Fall into light with me, my heart.

I.O. Kirkwood ©2017 All Rights Reserved.


Zero Project: Moonlight Requiem. Click picture to follow linkg.

Gealach an Cuerna

I am your moon;

A subtle force that affects your tides;

A satellite to whom you turn and divine

The mysteries of amour, ardor, and succor.


I rise in your nights and set in your days.

Waxing bright and beguiling, I illuminate dark secrets.

Waning, wrapped in black velvet and a silver smile,

I am a crescent upon which to hang your dreams.


I will find you in the darkest shadow;

Follow you to the ends of the earth;

You will never be alone.

I am your moon.


I.O. Kirkwood © 2017. All rights reserved.


Photo courtesy of Zero Project: Moonlight Requiem