SUICIDE: How You Can Help Yourself

WARNING: This is a very sensitive, even volatile, subject. If you want to respond, please do so when your rational mind is engaged. Step away, think about how you feel, and comment appropriately. Be respectful, be kind, and be informed. Mr. Cornell most likely committed suicide because he was on an anti-depressant that made himContinue reading “SUICIDE: How You Can Help Yourself”

Part One: How Untreated Bipolar II Presents to Those Who Love You

One time, I thought I was clinically depressed and my mother cajoled me into driving an hour to her house. I hadn’t showered for several days, relying instead on a “European” bath of baby wipes and wet washcloths. I hadn’t spoken to her in weeks (!). I stripped out of the sleep pants and tee-shirtContinue reading “Part One: How Untreated Bipolar II Presents to Those Who Love You”

The Hidden Illness: Bipolar II

  I am mentally ill. That’s the official diagnosis. It’s a genetic predisposition and can’t be “cured” because the medical community is still researching the connection between genes, the wiring of the brain, and the interaction of the previous conditions with the environment. Materialism has disconnected medical “experts” from the wisdom of the ancients. IContinue reading “The Hidden Illness: Bipolar II”