i treated you poorly?

I’ve only heard two people tell me that I treated them poorly. One was a narcissist. The other was too young to understand how being treated well might appear. No one else, not my family members, my co-workers, or even previous lovers have told me I wasn’t good to them.

That many people can’t be wrong.

In fact, my ex-husband told me I was the best wife he’s ever had AND the best ex he’s ever had. How’s that for treating someone poorly? No. I treat people accordingly and often, I’m too damn nice.

To the two people who have told me I treated them poorly, I have hundreds of testimonies that outweigh your two feeble complaints. If you feel persecuted by everyone around you, including me, maybe you should check in with yourself and ask why?

That many people can’t be wrong.


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2 thoughts on “i treated you poorly?

  1. Hello! I got the email notification that you have a new post up but it is password protected. I would love to read it but I don’t know how to get the password.

  2. I had no idea it notified on a private post. I taught a class on crystals and gems today and the web page has the handouts. The password is Bridge123 if you’re interested. One is a pdf file. Thanks for reading!

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