Brave Demons. Dream Angels.

I have a black shirt, soft as butter and stretchy, with the super long sleeves that serve as small teddy bears at the ends of my arms. I had lost this shirt at some point Friday night at a weekend festival. I was devastated. Mind you, I had another shirt the same in all waysContinue reading “Brave Demons. Dream Angels.”

ComCon: Ascension Handout 1-9-20

  COMMUNITY AND CONVERSATION AT THE BRIDGE 1-9-2020 This week’s topic is about raising your vibrations by recognizing spiritually abusive behaviors that denigrate and separate and the spiritually supportive behaviors that affirm and integrate on all levels of existence. Next Step: we plan to include an audio and/or video podcast so that people around theContinue reading “ComCon: Ascension Handout 1-9-20”