ComCon: Ascension Handout 1-9-20


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This week’s topic is about raising your vibrations by recognizing spiritually abusive behaviors that denigrate and separate and the spiritually supportive behaviors that affirm and integrate on all levels of existence.

Next Step: we plan to include an audio and/or video podcast so that people around the world may participate. If you are interested in donating time or resources to provide support to the Spiritually Awakening of Humanity, please contact I.O. Kirkwood at


  1. Disassociation and Narcissism: I am not here, or I am all that matters
  2. Mental Rigidity: My way or the highway
  3. Emotional Fracturing: The splintering of the soul caused by abuse
  4. Carelessness: Negligence and insensitivity
  5. Deceit: Not just lying but manipulating the biases of others to cause them harm
  6. Dependence: Allowing another to dictate your behavior
  7. False Reality Delusions: Fake news and propaganda
  8. Divided Competition: power-over mentality, divide and conquer


  1. Empathy and Compassion: Realizing that we are all one, Kindness for self and others
  2. Mental Openness: Receptive to new ideas
  3. Emotional Stability: Integration of psyche; Refusal to participate in self-sacrifice
  4. Responsibility: Every thought, word, and deed is yours
  5. Honesty: Emotional clarity; is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?
  6. Autonomy or Sovereignty: Self-governed, self-sustained, self-supported; Boundaries
  7. Reality Assessment: Making decisions based on the information you have in that moment with mental and emotional clarity and without attachment to the outcome
  8. Unified Cooperation: Interdependence, Creating holistic systems, Empowerment

Regardless of your belief system, the greatest Adversary we face is EGO: not government, not religion, not corporations, but you and I as we engage in (self-) abusive behaviors.

Your best defense against all “attack” is to identify these abusive behaviors and use supportive behaviors to counteract them.

After community, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

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