The Etheric Body

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The Energetic Anatomy of the Etheric Body

The Etheric body is a field that surrounds and interpenetrates your physical body. It is made of prana, or more specifically plasma, and in free form it presents as sparkles of light or static. Around your body, it coalesces in a luminous smoke or outline.

Look at the sky and diffuse your vision. You’ll see the sparkles in some form or another riding the air. You breathe in this energy and it fills and vitalizes your Etheric body. You’ll notice that people who spend a significant time outdoors seem so present and alive. They are filled with prana from being outside in Mother Earth’s Etheric field.

In a dim room, have a friend sit against a white background. Diffuse your vision and direct it to the outline of his or her body. Eventually, you will see the luminous smoke that surrounds the body about an inch or two away from the skin.

Prana is carried via the blood, which is the most efficient vehicle for this task. The vital energy is drawn into the lungs where it is infused into the blood. The heart pumps the blood everywhere so that the cells are nourished by the prana.

Fun Fact:

Vampires are real though not terribly glamorous. In cultures that have vampire lore, burial practices had contributed to preserving the Etheric body of the deceased. The Etheric body would seek nourishment from the deceased’s loved ones, usually at night. This nourishment was found in the prana carried by the blood of the still-living victim. Eventually the vampire would suck the victim’s Etheric body dry and the victim would die. The only way to disrupt the vampire’s Etheric body was to dismember the physical body, which often remained untouched by decomposition due to the nightly meals. The head and heart were taken in opposite directions, burned to ash, and tossed in separate bodies of running water to prevent the Etheric body from reassembling and hunting again.

This concept also finds support in stories of Eastern monks who had died while in meditation. Their bodies remained upright and untouched by decomposition for various lengths of time. Some have been found mummified and in one case, the monk is considered not dead, but in a rare state of meditation called “tukdum.” (2-4-2015) This is due to the strength and resilience of the Etheric body, which was capable of feeding itself on prana alone.

Your Etheric body is the first line of energetic defense. If this body is ripped, torn, or abraded, it is unable to properly protect you. Calibrating and strengthening your Etheric body will improve your overall well-being both physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Etheric Body Repair

When weather permits, perform the Etheric Body Repair outdoors and preferably in contact with the ground. If you are inside, power foci such as crystals and other meaningful symbols, will work.  Keep them charged with Etheric energy.

You can sit or stand. Make sure you are comfortable and ready to quiet and focus your mind. Become aware of your body.

Send roots of awareness down into Mother Earth. Inhale deeply and exhale completely. Know that you are bathing in the Etheric field of Mother Earth. Know that you are a magnet for this energy.

Allow the dancing sparkles to gather and swirl about you. Notice any patterns as you are surrounded. Draw more and more of the Etheric field around you until you bathe in its luminescence. Let it enter through any rips and punctures and allow it to smooth away the rough edges.

Breathe in the energy. The sparkling smoke fills your lungs, transfers to your blood, and within a minute every cell of your body has been infused with prana. Continue breathing until you feel full. I feel it as a pressure against my skin, but you may tingle or feel light-headed. You are now aligned and centered in the Etheric field of Mother Earth.

You will experience rushes of energy, sensations of pleasure and joy, and even releases of trapped energy that could bring nausea and faintness. Do your best to sit with the energy and allow it to move according to universal principles. Do not become the sensations, only sit with them.

Eventually, following your intuition, you will learn to play with the energy. The energy will teach you in moments of clarity. Learn more about the Etheric body and its workings. Handwrite your findings in your journal.

Do this as often as you like. I spend a great deal of time outdoors, even in the winter months, because I want to be bathed in this electric energy all the time. Nature has become my temple.

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