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Did you know that your very existence is a metaphor? Everything you perceive and experience is processed through the biophysiological interface known as the human body. This body is configured to bring you the experiences and the metaphorical framework you need to create the growth and healing you desire.

All of us are on a quest for experiences in service to the Creator. What we do, just by living and whether good or bad, is necessary to the unfolding of the Creator’s desire to experience Itself. We are creating every moment, even when we rest.

You have filters that inform your experiences and define the parameters of you Quest. I call these filters the Role Playing Game Metaphor (RPGM). The Creator is the Dungeon Master or the Lore Keeper.

You are one of the characters, whether a Knight, a Troll, a Wizard, or a Hunter, and you have unique skill sets that hold wondrous abilities. Each quality you have is a power, whether it is compassion or the ability to kill for food or being capable of finding lost items. How you use them helps define your experiences.

You never travel alone. Other players, incarnate and non-incarnate, assist you on your journey. Your adversaries challenge you and they are both incarnate and non-incarnate.

All religions, philosophies, and theories are metaphorical. They are limited expressions of an aspect(s) of the truth grounded in the cultural framework from which they are born. They should not be conflated with the truth for down that road lies madness and megalomania.

There is no one metaphorical truth, though all metaphors are conditionally truth. If your RPGM as a Starseed sent to this painful and alien earth assists you in evolving and causes the least harm, then go ahead and be a Starseed. Who is anyone to deny you that metaphor or to tell you it is untrue?

Conversely, you have no right to tell another that their very backwards, unprovable RPGM starring them as Grumpy Snow Monkey is untrue. As long as they cause no harm to themselves and others, there is no need to vie for the title of Supreme RPGM. Love is the Law, Love under Will. Which is a lovely Ceremonial Magick metaphor.

The Key to all of this is to place firmly in your understanding that what you know as reality is maya – a metaphor that describes the thing but is not the thing. We are all living in our personal RPGM and they provide a virtual smorgasbord of experiences from which the Creator can choose.

In the following posts, I’ll introduce you to my Shadow Work RPGM. I’ve combined Western Qabala, Psychological Archetypes, and Shamanism to build this system and I had a crazy amount of assistance from my guides and mentors.

This RPGM is especially useful for those raised in Western Traditions. If you come from an Eastern or Indigenous Tradition, feel free to translate this framework into the archetypes that work for your culture. The information in this post is given freely in the hopes that healing occurs.

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