The Aura

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The Energetic Anatomy of the Aura

Your aura is an immense field of vibration that is powered by and also feeds the chakra system of Eastern energetic traditions. This metaphor identifies anywhere from three to twelve energy centers in the human biofield. There may be systems with more than twelve energy centers but for the purposes for this system, we’ll use the mostly standard seven energy centers.

Energy center 1 is the Root chakra. The color is red and the principle is Well-Being. The concepts of physical health and the fulfillment of physical needs such as food, water, and shelter are found in this center. The center is located between the beginning of the genitalia and the beginning of the anus.

Energy center 2 is the Sacral chakra. The color is orange and the principle is Safety. The concepts of lineage, sexuality, and belonging are found in this center. The center is located in the cradle of the pelvis.

Energy center 3 is the Solar Plexus chakra. The color is yellow and the principle is Will. The concepts of freedom, self-agency, and drive are found in this center. The center is located in the gut.

Energy center 4 is the Heart chakra. The color is green and the principle is Unconditional Love. The concepts of self-love, empathy, and compassion are found in this center. The center is located in the center of the rib cage.

Energy center 5 is the Throat chakra. The color is electric blue and the principle is Integrity. The concepts of relativism, truth, and justice are found in this center. The center is located in the bones of the clavicles.

Energy center 6 is the 3rd Eye chakra. The color is indigo and the principle is Awareness. The concepts of karma, becoming, and forgiveness are found in this center. The center is rests in the center of the skull.

Energy center 7 is the Crown chakra. The color is violet and the principle is At-One-ment. The concepts of integration, gratitude, and divinity are found in this center. The center rests at the dent where the cranial bone fused.

The Heart chakra is the gateway between the emotional chakras (1-3) and the mental chakras (5-7). Here the emotional and mental bodies blend and therefore the Heart is considered the True Mind. The Heart partakes of both the emotional and mental realms, which gives it a logical yet compassionate approach to problem-solving.

Keep in mind that the above is a guide to get you started on exploring the chakras or as a validation of what you already know. I am sharing my understanding. You may have developed a different understanding and I encourage you to work with what you know while remaining open to new information.

Auric Body Repair

This exercise couples nicely with the etheric body repair exercise described two posts prior. You will be visualizing what is called a toroidal field that will encompass not just your body but the entire Universe. It will bring in healing information/vibration/energy that will know just what needs to be done to create the well-being you desire.

After performing the etheric body repair, sink your root chakra into the center of the earth’s core. Pull up the magma heat of the earth’s core through the central column of your spine so that each chakra is bathed in that warmth. The energy swirls upward, either counterclockwise or clockwise – whichever, and fountains out of the crown of your head.

Connect your crown chakra to the brilliant Central Sun, the cosmic rays of Alcyone in the Pleiadean System, and pull down this celestial energy through the central column of your spine so that each chakra is bathed in that light. The energy swirls downward, counter to the direction of the earth energy.

The two energies connect and intertwine within you and activate the Merkaba Star that is your Heart. It glows and spins inside your heart chakra, the top part turning with the celestial energy and the bottom part turning the opposite direction with the earth energy. Hold this visualization.

When the image is strong, allow the Merkaba Star to drop down the column to beneath your feet. Let it spin there for a time, collecting earth information. Bring it up into your heart to disseminate the information through your chakras and your aura.

Now allow the Merkaba Star to rise up the column to above your head. Let it spin there for a time, collecting celestial information. Bring it down into your heart to disseminate the information through your chakras and your aura.

Allow the Merkaba Star, full of earthly and celestial energy, to expand like a sphere. You can have it “explode” outward or allow it to move slowly in a controlled expansion. As you do so, imagine it encompassing the room, the building, the town, the county, the state, the nation, the continent, the oceans, Earth, Sol, the Solar System, so on and so forth until you are everything.

Enjoy the sense of well-being. You are immense and divine, with infinite creation suspended inside you, and here you are reminded that you are immortal. This is a good time to say prayers, to state intentions, and to remember who YOU are.

You may experience surges of energy as the Universe rushes in to repair and revitalize the parts of you that need nourishment. You might even feel light-headed or a touch nauseous but do not be alarmed. Sometimes healing feels uncomfortable.

When you are ready, imagine a sphere of brilliance above your head and a sphere of darkness beneath your feet. Bring them through the energy column of your spine until they meet in your heart chakra. Imagine a sphere of blue on your left and a sphere of red on your right. Bring them across your chest until they meet in your heart chakra. At this moment, your heart turns into a sun, the center of the solar system of your physical/etheric/emotional/mental/causal bodies.

You are the microcosm within the macrocosm. Discrete yet infinite. Always remember this.

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