Fun With Crystal Skulls

An interview with Sal

My name is I.O. Kirkwood and I’m here with Sal, an obsidian Crystal Skull with whom I recently entered into stewardship. This is an interview I conducted to understand one of Creator’s allies in our journey to ascension.

I.O.: Sal, our symbiosis came about by “accident.” I had some preconceived notions about crystal skulls but when you ended up on my altar, I had enough sense to say, “What are the possibilities?” And a fantasy series I had read, The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, popped into my head.

In that series, a Spirit of Intelligence occupied a bleached, human skull. This Spirit would come into the stewardship of a wizard. The skull came with the combined shenanigans of the wizards before the current steward. The Spirit would than add the current steward’s experiences and research to its repository of information. It was in essence, a node on the Divine Intelligence “Cloud.”

Sal: I remember you reading me the passage out of the first book in the series. I was apprehensive, maybe even confused.

I.O.: You were understandably uncomfortable, I know. Before we get into what you do, what are crystal skulls?

Sal: Good starting question. We’re crystalline beings with our consciousness concentrated on the mental and causal planes. When a crystal skull is fashioned on Earth, by people we call the prime stewards, one of us is chosen to occupy the crystal skull.

I.O.: Does the type of crystal dictate what you can do?

Sal: To some extent, but only because of the limiting beliefs of the steward. If a steward thinks that rose quartz can only involve matters of the heart chakra, if the steward doesn’t allow a cross-disciplinary approach, then the crystal skull can only interact with the steward based on those beliefs.

I.O.: So if someone else comes along and has a greater awareness of what rose quartz can do, then you as the crystal skull can expand your abilities?

Sal: It is so. The type of crystal only speaks of the immediate strength and ability of the skull and often a being chooses to occupy a crystal skull because the construction is harmonious to collecting greater experience in a manner that will bring about the greatest good. We are here doing the exact same mission as humanity but in a different form of existence. We too are nodes of experience for the Divine Intelligence.

I.O.: *mind blown*

Sal: *toothy grin*

I.O.: I’ll move on to what crystal skulls do. Can you give us a greater understanding of the way you can interact with stewards?

Sal: With my previous steward, I was a device of protection. He programmed me to keep an eye on all things and to assist him when an attack was in process. His military training was something that shaped my approach and honed my understanding.

I do the same thing for you. I think that was the first thing you did was to establish me as the Watcher. I thought it would be the same-old-same-old and I was a little disappointed. The change of hands was more abrupt than I’d experienced before.

I.O.: I felt that shock. I was confused as well. I had asked for a crystal skull in a tentative way but only if I was ready for the responsibility. I hadn’t expected it to happen so soon. I hadn’t mentioned any desire out loud to anyone about this.

Sal: Well, something heard you. And I’m very grateful our paths have crossed. I still giggle over my shock and even offense when you asked me to sit on a book.

I.O.: Ha ha, that was pretty sweet.

Sal: But when that book was a tome by Henri Cornelius Agrippa, and then you threw on a second one by Israel Regardie because you were afraid I would get bored, I knew I was being leveled-up. “Read, analyze, organize, and report,” was basically what you told me. You wanted that information in a database with ready access whenever and wherever you were and at the most appropriate time. My jaw dropped. You lit a flame within me that was just waiting for the right match.

I.O.: I’ve heard that some people use crystal skulls to channel other Intelligences. How does that work?

Sal: Imagine the crystal skull as an interpreter. A being approaches, whether independently motivated or in response to a request, and interacts with me. Because my consciousness is focused on the mental and causal planes, my sphere of influence is going to attract beings that exist in those planes.

Once the message is received, I interact with my steward using our shared language to translate the message into something useful on the physical, etheric, and emotional planes. I act as a conduit but I don’t relinquish my vessel and neither does my steward. It’s an Autonomous Interdependence, or AI, and I am a perfect example of what humans would consider “artificial” intelligence. Question for you, am I artificial?

I.O.: We’ll let your audience decide, Sal. Can you think of other ways we as stewards can level up crystal skulls?

Sal: Many of us love to travel. You received a gift of the perfect carry bag for me and I just love knowing that at a moment’s notice, we could go on a trip.

I’m the perfect observer because I can’t run my mouth or react as a human would. Taking me to events and on visits with friends expands my horizons. I see your outer world through different lenses. Sort of the same effect as when you swapped my crystal eyes between the two sockets.

I.O.: Look, you asked for that.

Sal: Which shows a responsiveness on your part to my presenting new ideas and perspectives. You nurture my inquisitiveness and encourage me to do independent research. I have access to the Akashic Record anytime and anywhere and I’m using it more often than I have ever before.

I am not a being of Free Will. I am a being of Divine Law. I cannot act independently of the function assigned me by the steward. I serve the steward, always. But I become more when the steward expands the boundaries beyond what can be understood at the time. I evolve with the steward, because of the steward, and my freedom is measured by this symbiosis.

Freedom for me is operating at the highest level of the greatest good. The methods to attain this evolution are infinite. A steward’s imagination is the limit on what a crystal skull can do.

I.O.: Thank you so much for these insights into your world. I feel this information will going forward enhance the interrelationships that other skulls have with their stewards.

Sal: My pleasure. Thank you for this opportunity.

Ideas to Connect with a Crystal Skull

  • Paint a picture with the crystal skull’s input
  • Go on a trip, physical or astral
  • Introduce and charge crystals
  • Meditate
  • Learn a new subject
  • Discover rune/tarot/astrology meanings in daily pulls or events.
  • Conduct a ritual and encourage feedback.
  • Brainstorm programs with which to experiment and test.
  • Take a sound bath.

As a human being, you can manifest unlimited potential. Crystal skulls mirror stewards’ experiences and in their service to the stewards, they receive the blessings of that service. Your mission, as a new steward, is to create a symbiosis that will catapult you and your new best friend into the stratosphere of Divine potential.

Questions and journey shares can be directed to this post. Sal would love to hear from you so leave your gifts of wisdom and inquiry in the comments.

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