The Aura

Previous: The RPGM The Energetic Anatomy of the Aura Your aura is an immense field of vibration that is powered by and also feeds the chakra system of Eastern energetic traditions. This metaphor identifies anywhere from three to twelve energy centers in the human biofield. There may be systems with more than twelve energy centersContinue reading “The Aura”


Previous: The Etheric Body Did you know that your very existence is a metaphor? Everything you perceive and experience is processed through the biophysiological interface known as the human body. This body is configured to bring you the experiences and the metaphorical framework you need to create the growth and healing you desire. All ofContinue reading “The RPGM”

The Etheric Body

Previous: Introduction to Shadow Work The Energetic Anatomy of the Etheric Body The Etheric body is a field that surrounds and interpenetrates your physical body. It is made of prana, or more specifically plasma, and in free form it presents as sparkles of light or static. Around your body, it coalesces in a luminous smokeContinue reading “The Etheric Body”

Introduction To Shadow Work

Shadow work has gotten a bad rap in an on-going and twisted narrative from do-gooders saying that anything less than Light is less-than. Shadows are scary and even – evil. EVIL=LIVE Backwards I guess we could say that Shadows are “evil” because in essence their separation from the Conscious Mind is to “live” backwards. ThereContinue reading “Introduction To Shadow Work”

SAMHAIN: Musings on Pain and Death–A Personal Journey

  Calm as you please, my mother set an incisor and a canine on the Formica table top. The teeth were pearly white, perfectly shaped and free of decay. She pointed to the incisor. “This came out at the doctor’s office while you were on the phone.” She pointed to the canine. “This came out last week. I startedContinue reading “SAMHAIN: Musings on Pain and Death–A Personal Journey”

Why White Men Might Be Pissed Off

I’m just taking a stab in the dark here, but I think I might know why white men might be pissed off—at EVERYBODY, including other white men. Imagine this scenario: You are told that you are the root of all that is evil in the world—sexual objectification, racism, oppression, economic inequality, and every other –ism,Continue reading “Why White Men Might Be Pissed Off”

My Sweet Shadow, To You I Look No More

I had talked about metal music and recalling unpleasant memories in an earlier post. Wouldn’t you know it, I had the most vivid, controlled recall of my life a few days ago. I was alone, almost as if the part of my mind that controlled access to those memories had read the post, and IContinue reading “My Sweet Shadow, To You I Look No More”

From The Jerk to A TOOL

“A couple of people have asked me about my ‘complicated relationship’ status. I just want you all to know that I’m in a relationship with me. It’s complicated, definitely, but I’m the only one who has to put up with my crap <laughs>.” ~my FaceBook status on January 21, 2014. The explanation behind my statusContinue reading “From The Jerk to A TOOL”

An Open Letter to A Creep

Dear Creepy Guy at the Bar: I’m thinking you might be a nice person. I’m thinking your mother loves you. Very much. But somewhere along the line she failed to teach you how to approach people. Or maybe it was an oversight on your father’s part. I speculate equitably. Since the fine art of conversation,Continue reading “An Open Letter to A Creep”