On Loyalty, Family, and Love

I’ve been thinking about romantic relationships. A lot of them suck. They may have started out great: marriage, kids, the house and picket fence, but then they sucked. The dream of love and happily ever after crumbled into dissatisfaction and disappointment. Most people in America want to be in a relationship. Some of us wantContinue reading “On Loyalty, Family, and Love”

I’ve Lost My Damn Mind: One

Our 10-year saga began one day in March 2010, if I remember correctly. I studied the picture of a rock band, let’s call it Tinderbox, that my then boyfriend absolutely worshiped. My boyfriend, Thomas, played guitar in a cover band and Tinderbox had a lead singer, we’ll call him Paul Avola, who happened to beContinue reading “I’ve Lost My Damn Mind: One”

ComCon: Ascension Handout 1-9-20

  COMMUNITY AND CONVERSATION AT THE BRIDGE 1-9-2020 This week’s topic is about raising your vibrations by recognizing spiritually abusive behaviors that denigrate and separate and the spiritually supportive behaviors that affirm and integrate on all levels of existence. Next Step: we plan to include an audio and/or video podcast so that people around theContinue reading “ComCon: Ascension Handout 1-9-20”

NaNoWriMo: Introversion for Introverts

I have my outline, my sketches, and my worksheets all filled out. I spent most of October hidden away as I prepared for this triathlon of thought, imagination, and the clicking sounds of the keyboard. I’ve completed 25,000 words already and we’re only a third of the way through. I’m on fire! I’m also offContinue reading “NaNoWriMo: Introversion for Introverts”

A Bad Day: Why Medication Is NOT a Weakness

I forgot to take my Lamictil last night. I feel like shit today. I took it this morning when I remembered but then I forgot to take my Prozac. I was dragging all day and nearly in tears because it was horrible. I didn’t feel half as bad as I did before medication. I’m surprisedContinue reading “A Bad Day: Why Medication Is NOT a Weakness”