Album Review Rationale for Annoyed Artists

I know the pen is mightier than the sword. If you are an artist, do not take my ratings as a personal attack on you as an individual. I know it’s hard to not do so. Artists are some of the bravest people I know because they consistently put their guts out on display forContinue reading “Album Review Rationale for Annoyed Artists”

Summer Blog Tour: The Needless Series

I was asked to participate in a Summer Blog Tour by my colleague Ruth L. Snyder. We were to write about our current work in progress and I decided to tell everyone about my main protagonist in the new series The Needless. What is your name? My name is Verity Wilde. No nickname though someContinue reading “Summer Blog Tour: The Needless Series”

A Writer’s World Blog Tour

I was asked by my colleague Patti J. Smith to participate in this Writer’s World Blog Tour and her post was pretty awesome. You can read about her process here: Gridiron Granny Football Fanatic ************************************************************************************* About Me I.O. Kirkwood is a correspondent for Metal Descent, an online magazine dedicated to enlightening the masses about heavyContinue reading “A Writer’s World Blog Tour”

Social Media Is My Friend

I say this to myself in the mirror every morning: “Social media is my friend.” I’ve been doing this since October of 2013 while having a seriously twisted love-hate relationship with Twitter, falling head-over-heels for Pinterest, and trying to figure out how to get stuff to post on my Facebook Page without getting my FacebookContinue reading “Social Media Is My Friend”

Idiomatic Genesis OR Shaving Bears

I’ve been looking into idioms because often times they are wrapped up in absurd imagery. “I’ll fix your little red wagon” is an example. Here we have the image of the innoccuous childhood red wagon (think Flyer) representing the messy and diabolical urge to even the score. “A hair of the dog” means to doContinue reading “Idiomatic Genesis OR Shaving Bears”

MBM: Creating Flawed (But Likeable) Characters, by A.L. Sowards

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Welcome to the tenth day of MARCH BOOK MADNESS! Today, A.L. Sowards is here discussing characters. She’s the author of Espionage, a Whitney Award finalist this year, set in France during World War II. The sequel, Sworn Enemy, is due out this April.  . . . . . Creating Flawed (But Likable) Characters, by A. L.…