Dialogue With Shadow

If you are still having trouble communicating with your Shadow(s), there are other meditations out there. One that is reasonably easy to use was written by Timothy Roderick in his Wicca: A Year and a Day book. Our clan has used the meditation successfully. Also, feel free to add to my meditation if you need more visual or auditory stimulation. Writing your own meditation is another option to explore.

The idea is to meet your Shadow and open a dialogue. This takes patience and persistence. Keep returning to the practice of engaging and embracing these aspects of your psyche. You will become your own best friend.

I’ve been doing this since I was 16 years old so that puts me at 27 years of shadow work as of 2012. It has been an amazing journey of self-discovery. I’m going to introduce you to my “Shadows” so that you understand just how rich the experience can be.

* * * * *

There are no walls. Beyond the illuminated area we occupy is a deep, grey nothingness. We sit around a kidney-shaped, glass coffee table holding saucers and demi-tasse cups filled with rich, dark espresso. Al is seated to my right on the semi-circular, black velvet sofa. Her ash blond curls are scraped back from her studious features and her pale blue eyes regard me from behind wire-rimmed glasses. She has a tablet in her lap and holds a stylus poised to write whatever I say. A tattoo of a caduceus peeks over the collar of her white blouse.

Morti sits to Al’s right. She’s the bad-ass of the bunch dressed in sleek, supple leather. She’s dark everywhere, like a Hindu goddess, and her long black hair is a glossy spill of ink over her shoulders and arms. She’d agreed to host this little ‘party’ at her place. That way she could deliver a smack-down if anyone got out of hand.

To my left was Gina, the reason Ali had called this meeting. She was a true red-head, the kind with a peaches and cream complexion and emerald green eyes, and she was dressed in Jacobean finery. She looked like a beauty from one of Waterhouse’s oil paintings.

To Gina’s left sat Claire. She had grown since I’d last seen her. Her skin had lightened from an olive to a shade like milk with a drop of coffee in it and her dark eyes regarded me steadily, which was a change from the submissive sidelong gazes she’d given me before. I was pleased.

“Al called the meeting to discuss the consort business,” I said.

Gina crossed her arms and leaned back against the sofa, “She’s more interested in books and spells. What would she know about men?”

“I happen to agree with Al that you make lousy choices,” Morti said.

“You’ll settle for anything.” Al pointed the stylus at Clair, “And we need to set a good example for her.”

“Well, I don’t know if you ladies have been paying attention, but there isn’t much out there. I have to make do,” Gina waved a hand.

“We shouldn’t have to settle,” Al said.

“You make it sound like I spread my legs for any willing candidate. We’re dating, not hopping into the sack.”

“We fixate.” Clair’s voice silenced us all. She blushed and looked at her hands. “It could be my fault. It’s all new to me; the feelings are intense. I like it.”

Gina lifted a brow as I snapped my mouth shut. I hadn’t been paying attention to the fact that Clair, a scrawny, frightened child when I’d met her, had grown into a teenager. That meant hormones and craziness. That meant crushes and new feelings.

Al glanced at me and then stared at her tablet. She hadn’t noticed either. Morti rubbed her hands over her face and let out a sigh as collectively we grasped what this new complication entailed.

I don’t think any of us here could be called experts in relationships. In fact, we were all pretty lousy. The only person qualified enough to guide Clair through these waters was Gina and her only talent in that area was that she knew how men operated. She could at least keep Clair out of serious trouble.

Clair was the gentle soul of our collective. She was quick to forgive and she’d been through a hell that the rest of us had witnessed but in different ways. Al was the brains so what we experienced was processed on an intellectual level by her. Morti was the muscle, and she’d fought us through the nightmare of our childhood with a raw determination that showed in the firm set of her mouth.

Gina was the passion of our collective and she fueled our creativity and emotional expression. She wanted to be surrounded by beauty and love. She craved these things the way a starving child craved a pastry, to the point where she would beg, borrow, and bend to get it.

I was the Director. I wanted everybody to get along and I had to figure out how to coordinate their individual talents into a unified effort. Fun.

“The part of us that can experience true love is a teenager,” Morti bounced her head against the back of the sofa.

“And you thought it was me,” Gina studied her nails. “I think someone is owed an apology.”

An airborne pillow surprised a muffled squeak from Gina. Thank the Lady she’d set her espresso down or she’d have been wearing it. Morti tossed her hair over her shoulders and leaned forward.

“This is a distraction.”

“Anything to do with the finer, gentler aspects of life are a distraction to you,” Gina said.

Morti grabbed another pillow and I held up my hands, “Ladies, we need to focus on how to make this work. Clair is growing up. We should celebrate her coming of age. Al, we’ll need a ritual. Gina, we’ll need a crown. Morti, we’ll need tattoo equipment—”

“I don’t want a tattoo.”

All eyes turned to Clair. Her hands were fists at her sides.

“Everyone gets a tattoo,” Morti said.

I thought maybe Clair would capitulate but she squared her thin shoulders, looked Morti dead in the eye and said, “No.”

Morti looked ready to leap across the coffee table and grab Clair by the scruff of her neck. Clair’s eyes narrowed as Morti growled.

“I will kick your ass, little girl.”

“No, you won’t. Io won’t let you.”

Morti looked at me. I sighed.

“She’s right, Morti, but so are you. Everyone gets a tattoo. It’s the rule. It is a way of joining us into a greater whole and you don’t have one yet. You were too young but now, you’re not.”

A big, fat tear leaked from Clair’s left eye. She let loose a quivering breath and took a tissue from Gina.

“It’s going to hurt.”

“Yes, it is,” I said.

“It shouldn’t hurt.”

I rubbed the bridge of my nose and looked to Al. She shrugged and pretended to read the tablet.

“Hurting is part of life. It makes us more compassionate when others are hurting,” Morti said.

Clair wiped at her eyes, “Really?”

Morti nodded, “Even I’ve been hurt.” She shrugged out of her jacket to reveal her tattoo sleeves. “Each tatt tells a story. See this one?”

She pointed at an image of the Kraken on her right bicep, “That’s what we escaped. I killed it so that you could come out of hiding. And this?”

She pointed to a heart pierced by three swords on her left shoulder, “That’s what beats inside my chest when any of you are hurt. You should let me out more often to defend you instead of trying to be so damned civilized.”

Morti shrugged back into her coat, “You only have to get one and it can be very tiny so you decide.”

Clair nibbled on her lower lip, “I want a heart.”

“You already have a heart, Tin Girl,” Al teased.

Clair smiled and I was a little unsettled. Our youngest member was growing up. She was changing before my eyes.

“On your shoulder?”I asked.

“No. On her right cheek.” Gina pointed to a spot just beneath the outside corner of Clair’s right eye. “Right?”

Clair nodded. Morti rolled her eyes but didn’t contradict Clair.

“This isn’t some strange teenage ritual, is it? Like the number of tear drops telling those in the know how many bodies you’ve left on the ground?” I said.

Clair chewed her lower lip, “It could be a sign to the universe that we are ready to love.”

I hadn’t thought of it that way.  I looked at Morti, “You think you can handle something that small and delicate?”

She scowled but said, “If I must.”

“And the crown?”

“Oh, I’ve got something in mind,” Gina said as she stroked Clair’s cheek.

“What?” Clair asked.

“Butterflies, of course—for transformation. This will be the most beautiful crown ever.”

* * * * *

Remember that coffee-clatch I told you about in the very first paragraph of this series of posts? That’s how it rolls. Those are my girls. Each one is much more integrated now than when I first met them.

When I met Morti, she was a furious biker-chick gone bat-shit crazy. She would hold me down and shove horrible thoughts through my head because she had no other way of telling me that she was suppressed. I’ve discovered that she’s Kevlar, titanium-plate on the outside and squishy marshmallow on the inside. That doesn’t make her weak; she just has texture. These days she’s my enforcer and she’s the scary thing that peeks out of my eyes when someone has crossed the line.

Al was a rebellious teenager when I met her. She has a smart mouth and can think circles around most people.  She was even good with the mind-fuck, which we’ve thankfully abandoned. She likes puzzles and can figure out what makes just about anybody tick. She’s good with words and has a quick, quirky wit that she camouflages beneath a studious exterior. She keeps the knowledge of the collective and shows us how to use it.

Gina is the mysterious one. Not a one of us can figure out what makes her tick. She’s demanding, exacting, and an elitist. In fact, she reminds me of my mother. She likes the finer things (whereas Al likes function) and wants to find a man to give them to her while worshipping at her feet in abject adoration. She’s winsome, alluring and utterly frustrating.

Clair was the first Shadow I met and she had gotten stuck in childhood.  Things weren’t so great for us then. When I realized I couldn’t blame my parents for my problems anymore, I found Clair-a greasy, malnourished ten-year-old at the time-in the basement closet of a condemned house. Abandoned, terrified, and distrustful, I had to lure her from that closet with promises that I would be the best “mommy” ever.  I’ve been raising her, with the help of the other three, and it seems that she’s grown up right under my nose. This is a good thing <fingers-crossed>.

My four entities are part of my psyche and correspond to a number of symbolic systems: the Qabala, the Witches’ Pyramid, and the four elements. I use the associations and my vivid imagination to assign shadow fragments to these constructs for processing and transformation of the energies. They speak to me through the characters of my stories, through the work of other artists, and through the simple interactions I have with others.

The introductory meditation is only a first step. With continued dialogue through journaling, play-acting, drawing, music, or any other art medium, you can get to know the many faces of You and establish good working relationships between them that are a hallmark of integration.

Questions are welcome and I hope you share your experiences with me. Email: iokirkwood@annekirkwood.biz or leave a comment. Thanks!

Face to Face

This is the guided meditation. If you haven’t done the preparatory work, please click here.

You may have someone read this to you, or you may record it and play it back. Soothing music to block out any distracting sounds is recommended but not required.


Close your eyes and take a deep, even breath.  You are safe in protected space. You stand in a darkened auditorium < Pause>(give the participant a few beats to visualize at each pause).

Take another deep, even breath and walk towards the dim stage. You see a set of stairs at either end of the stage. Choose one and climb up. The boards creak under your feet. You can smell linseed oil, acrylic paint, and turpentine. <Pause>

You breathe deeply again and a spotlight glares to life. Caught in the beam of light is your Shadow. You study the shape and features, become aware of the energy coming from it, and even notice its scent. Take your time. <Pause>

Ask, “What is your name?” The Shadow responds. If not, ask again in a different way until you receive an answer, whether sound, picture, or feeling. <Pause>

Ask, “What is your purpose?” The Shadow responds. If not, ask again in a different way until your receive an answer, whether sound, picture, or feeling.<Pause>

After the Shadow has spoken, you say, “I recognize you. You are a valued part of us but somehow we have lost touch with you. ” < Pause> “Come home. We need you. We miss you.” <Pause>

You listen as the Shadow speaks. < Pause>

When the Shadow has said its piece, you respond. <Pause>

Say to the Shadow, “We have made the first steps towards understanding each other. We will visit again very soon.” <Pause>

The spotlight disappears.  You are in darkness now. Breathe deeply. The scent of oil, paint, and turpentine fades.  <Pause>

Breathe again and the boards no longer creak beneath your feet. <Pause>

Breathe one last time and feel the weight of your body. When you are ready, open your eyes. <End>

You’re not done yet: you are still in protected space. Give thanks by saying, “In the name of all that is holy, I release the energies in this space.” You may also say, “In the name of <Divine>, I release the energies in this space.”

Make sure you do this. If you forget, do it the moment your remember. Just feel yourself in that moment as you ended the meditation, and say the words. Held energy has a tendency to entropy and it loses form and turns to chaos. If it can’t move, it will wreak havoc right where you had used it to create order.

Journal: now that you have made your first journey to meet Shadow, take some time to journal. You may use the questions below to trigger your thoughts:

1. Describe how this Shadow appeared to you. Shape? Size? Color?

2. Describe other characteristics like scent, sound, and feel. Did this Shadow touch you?

3. What is this Shadow’s name?

4. What is this Shadow’s purpose?

5. What did your Shadow say to you?

Over the next week or so, keep a diary of any unusual or noteworthy events that might be related to meeting this Shadow.

If you were unable to answer questions 3 and 4, then you will need to go through the meditation again until you have the answers.

If you were able to answer questions 3 and 4, then this Shadow is ready to work with you and you will be able to speak with it whenever you feel the need.  You’ve opened up a dialogue and if you truly want to see change, then you should invest in building the relationship.

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Meeting Shadow

Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the EVENT.  If you’ve just come in on the blog, please click here.

For magickal people, certain principles become self-evident as they work with energy. One is, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Sounds Newtonian doesn’t it? That’s because magick works on the same principles as a combustion engine or the pumping of the human heart. Magick is NOT supernatural—it’s just been explained in metaphors for thousands of years because humans didn’t have physics vocabulary and equations as a language yet.

That’s why I had you do the preparatory steps of naming your Collateral Damage Negative Trait (C.D.N.T.) and identifying the Equal and Opposite Positive Trait (E.O.P.T.).

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept:

Now that you are armed with understanding,  you will meet your Shadow, the one you chose, also known as the C.D.N.T. This is the imp that has been causing you the most trouble. It is an angry, alienated aspect of your holographic personality. It’s the misanthropic teenager of your collective and you are attempting an intervention.

Don’t expect smiles and welcoming hugs. You are the insensitive jerk that has treated this entity like a left-handed, red-headed step-child for possibly years. Trust needs to be developed just like with a real person. The time it takes will depend on the collective’s ability to trust. And if you’re working on suspicion—um, give yourself plenty of time to reach an agreement with this aspect of You.

Be prepared for this process to take more than one sitting, more than one conversation. In fact, look at this as a process, an ongoing dialogue between the Shadow and you. Are you ready?

First thing you need to do is find a comfortable, quiet place to sit. The space should be conducive to relaxation. If that means darkness or a candle or incense for you, go for it. Those are all ways of putting you in a meditative state of mind.

To deepen your relaxation, you are going to straighten your spine and close your eyes. Set your hands palms up on your knees. Imagine you are a tree with your roots deep in the earth as your branches reach up into the skies. Through your roots, you take up the nourishment of earth and water. Through your branches you take in the fire of the sun and feel the cool winds whisper through your leaves. You are complete and at home.

When you have reached a state of meditative awareness, say aloud, “By all that is holy, I cleanse, bless and seal this space.” You do this to keep out nosy or disruptive energies.  Only the energies you call on purpose will be allowed inside the space you’ve created. If you have a Divine energy to call upon, you may use , “In the name of <Divine>, I cleanse, bless and seal this space.” As long as you feel safe and protected, it worked.

Practice this technique a few times if you haven’t done something similar before. When you’re ready, we’ll move on to the guided meditation.

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Embracing Shadow: Step 2b

You have written down your C.D.N.T. at this point. If you’ve come in on this post, click here; otherwise, proceed.

Your Next Mission, Should You Choose To Accept:

You will find the Equal and Opposite Positive Trait (E.O.P.T.) of your CDNT. Below is a link to a list of those kinds of character traits:


I’m sure some of you are wondering what I’m playing at, but if you remember from the Anatomy lesson, a Shadow is the flip-side of an admirable trait. You’re trying to get an idea of what that might be. I want you excited about meeting one of your Shadows because this positive trait is what your Shadow and you are capable of achieving when you work together.

Do your own research using your own sources if you like. Ingenuity is encouraged in creating a magickal life. Feel good about how you’re taking steps to grab the reins of your own speeding chariot of life.

That’s it for now, but I’ll leave you with another link that is tons of fun:


I took the Brief Strengths Test under Engagement Questionnaires and it was spot-on. Of the 24 Character Strengths assessed, Valor/Courage was my top strength. At the bottom of the list?


I laughed so hard I cried because anyone who knows me well will tell you that there isn’t a humble bone in my body!  Good thing Sense of Humor was my #2.


Next: Meeting Shadow

Embracing Shadow: Step 2a

Okay, so you’ve got your Negative Bucket List (N.B.L.). If you don’t, then click here for the previous post.

The N.B.L. is actually the reverse of the bucket list of fun things you want to do before you die. This is the list of mean, stupid or embarrassing things you’ve done up to this point. You have been very brave, Grasshopper!

What does your list include? Is it events? Feelings? Things you said? Characteristics you don’t like about yourself? I know that sometimes people interpret the instructions differently and that’s O.K. Regardless of how you wrote down your N.B.L., you will analyze the list for commonalities.

If you wrote down events, what is the most common element to all of them? Or if it’s feelings, which one appears the most often in your expression? And if it’s things you said, what is the most common context? You’ll translate these commonalities into characteristics. Once you have a list of characteristics, then you are ready to get down to business.

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept:

Pick the negative trait that seems to do you the most amount of collateral damage. I’m talking about the one trait that deviates the most from who you believe you are or from the person you want to become.

The link below will help you explore negative traits:


Using your N.B.L., learn what the labels are for your negative traits. This is like shining big, hot spotlights on your Shadows. They’ll appear blacker than ever but that’s a GOOD thing. You can’t address a problem until you know what it looks like from all the important angles.

Feeling discouraged or self conscious? Remember my Shadow, Motor-Mouth? This just goes to prove that EVERYONE has negative traits and that most of us agonize over one thing or another that we’ve said or done. Set self-consciousness aside with this simple technique:

Remember something you’ve said or done in the last month that causes you cringing discomfort (e-gads, that’s weekly for me!). If you haven’t done anything drastic that recently, go back a bit more than month.

Got it?

Now, think about something someone else has said or done that made you think they were a complete douche bag lacking in intelligence, couth, and coolness. I want you to be as hard on this douche bag as you are on yourself.

Got it?

Now, think about how easy it was for you to come up with something about what you’ve done wrong than it is for you to think about other people’s flaws. It was soooo easy for you to pick yourself apart, wasn’t it?  You are your own worst critic. You are meaner to yourself than others are to you – even the douche bags.

Truth is, most people have the same distorted perspective of themselves that you have of yourself.

<Choir of Angels sing as the heavens open up in a blinding cascade of brilliance.>

That, magickal people in training, is an EPIPHANY.

So what have you decided  your Collateral Damage Negative Trait (C.D.N.T.) is? Write it down.

Once you’ve finished that task, click here for your next mission.

Embracing Shadow: Step 1

Last installment, you discovered that you are a very complex holograph of personalities.  You also learned that Shadows are fragmented pieces of your holograph—blocked energies that will express through your subconscious if you don’t pay attention. Since you can’t banish or destroy energy, you’ll have to find another way to get your Shadows to toe the party-line.

Having dealt with my own shadows over the last 20 years and having experienced the darkest expression of Shadow (which can be likened to Possession), I feel I may speak with confidence on the subject. One thing that these experiences have taught me is:

You are what you believe.

Everything you think, whether conscious or not, weaves into your reality, but the thoughts that carry emotion pack the biggest punch. The thoughts you feel are your beliefs. To change either the thought or the feeling changes the belief. Changing the belief changes your reality.

With this pearl of wisdom comes an even scarier understanding that you are responsible for your own reality. Since you have the power to change what you believe, holding your Shadows prisoner by denying them voices to effect change becomes an indefensible act of self-sabotage. You are miserable (in some ways) because you choose to do nothing about it. Of course this is all part of being human, but I thought I should point out that as adults, we’re the authors of our own horror stories.

Now if you need serious therapy or have horrific experiences in your life journey, meeting your Shadows without the guidance of a qualified therapeutic professional is strongly discouraged. I am not a qualified therapeutic professional. I’m more a fellow traveler who has seen enough and done enough to share her experiences and understandings with like-minded individuals.

So, that caveat expressed, let’s get started with an exercise.

I want you to make a list. This is the negative bucket-list where you write down the worst things you can remember about yourself. Example: I remember one time in band camp, I kissed this boy. Three years later, after having people rag me about this kiss, which for the life of me I couldn’t remember and denied vehemently, I remembered it in all its earth-shattering horror. And it hadn’t been horrible because of the boy:  he was very sweet if a little forward. What had been horrible was that I had run my mouth without any consideration of what was coming out of it. Then my Shadow had deleted the event from my hard drive!  Shadows are sneaky. Luckily, she had forgotten to empty the Recycle Bin.

That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about. One of my Shadows is a motor-mouth; I’ve come to an understanding with her. These days she has safe people to chat with and we’ve even made it a game to see how long she can keep her counsel, even with the safe people. Otherwise, she’s a great conversationalist and she’s getting really good at shutting up. I’m so proud of her!

So if you’re a motor mouth and it’s ruining your peace of mind, put it on your list. Other negative top-of-the-listers could be inappropriate and rampant sarcasm or the overwhelming need to be in a relationship despite the “winners” you’ve picked in the past.

That’s my list (XD), what’s yours?

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Anatomy of the Shadow

This is a continuation from the Call for Interaction post. Please click here if you missed the beginning.

Excellent! Whatever you wrote is correct. Why? Because magickal people understand that you are the creator of your own universe. No one else has your perspective, your experiences, or your shadows. What you wrote, if you played fair, is a reflection of your truth.

So let’s get a few basic principles under your belt about the psyche and why shadows, plural on purpose, may be sabotaging your efforts to be magickal.

1. You are multiple personalities.

In no way am I suggesting that you’re crazy. Think about who you are with your best friend and then think about who you are with your supervisor or a client you don’t know very well. You have faces, or masks, that you wear with different people and each of them are You. Some of these faces you like better than others. Some faces are so unpleasant that you try not to let them out into public at all.

What makes you different from Sybil?[1] Sybil’s consciousness was so fragmented, she had a total of sixteen different known personalities that manifested. You have that many personalities in you if not more, but they are so well integrated that you only sense the shift as the people in your environment change. These personalities help us to adapt, and when well integrated they form a holographic personality that you know as You.

2. A Shadow is a fragmented part of your holographic personality.

Have you ever heard of shamanism?[2] Shamans are people who achieve altered states of awareness to interact with the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is a structured place (i.e. there are worlds and levels of existence) that receives the knowledge, experiences, and awareness of all creation. Humans access this collective unconscious through their subconscious minds either in dreams or using shamanistic techniques.[3]

Some shamanic traditions practice what is known as soul retrieval. This technique is used to achieve psychological integration. The shaman enters an altered state of consciousness, searches for the missing fragment of the person’s soul, and when he finds it, he tries to lure the soul back home. That missing fragment is a Shadow.

3. Shadows are the flip-side of a desirable trait.

For example, vigilance is a very desirable trait for a soldier to possess, even to the point of ever-present suspicion, especially in combat situations because that vigilance increases the soldier’s odds of survival. But such intense vigilance can develop into a paranoia that is expressed in non-combat situations. Paranoia is often an obstacle to intimacy and can destroy a person’s peace of mind.

4. Shadows are blocked energies desiring expression.

Shadows are not alien beings that must be destroyed before they take over planet Earth. They are energies within your psyche that have helped you cope with less than pleasant circumstances. Often, the energy becomes a Shadow because the circumstances have changed and your psyche hasn’t quite gotten the message yet that the threat has passed. For example, Mr. Wrong, who always put you on the defensive with snide little comments wrapped up in innocuous statements, has been replaced by Mr. Right. Unfortunately, the pattern of searching for Mr. Wrong’s nasty pill of a put-down in Mr. Right’s genuine compliments just might drive the good guy away.

Shadows can express themselves in many ways, often without you realizing what’s happening. Magickal people know to look to their environments because what happens on the outside often reflects what’s happening on the inside. The same situations keep coming up: All your co-workers think you’re an arrogant [insert insult of choice] and it’s affecting your ability to get a promotion. You keep having to extricate yourself from Fatal Attraction relationships because, “She really seemed nice at first.” You keep reliving your source relationship with your mother (or father) with the women (or men) in your life.

Whether you like it or not, that Shadow is going to express itself. The goal is to direct the form of expression it takes.

5. Energy transforms but it does not go away.

In fact, the whole reason why you have a Shadow to begin with is because you tried to send this energy away and ignore it. You can’t banish or eradicate a Shadow.

Shadows are blocked energies and the only way to effectively deal with them is to absorb and transform them. People can argue with me all they want and tell me I’m full of hornswaggle because they’ve banished shadows and blah, blah, blah. Fine, but it is imperative that you, magickal person in training, understand one thing about energy:

All the Power that ever was or will be is here now.[4]

This means that all the energy that ever was or will be is here now, so deal with it. Stop hiding your head in the sand and look your Shadow right in the eye.

Next post: Embracing Shadow Step 1

[1] Sybil is a book about a woman with multiple personalities. This book illustrates a classic example of the dissociative mental illness.

[2] The Foundation for Shamanic Studies was founded by Michael Harner, a well-known and credible expert on the practice of shamanism. You can find good information about shamanism at this site and in his book The Way of the Shaman.

[3] Sometimes altered states of awareness are reached through the use of drugs, but the shamanic training to earn control over the experience is so long and intense that the practice is discouraged in many magickal communities.

[4] The Pattern of the Trestleboard. Courtesy of B.O.T.A.

Call for Interaction

Blogs require multiple posts to be successful, so I’m soliciting your input into the process. I need you to hold me, a writer/procrastinator extraordinaire, accountable for producing exceptional, and ultimately useful, product. You’ll also help me shake a serious case of the holiday blues.

Here’s the plan:

You, the audience and co-creators of all things bloggable, shall submit questions to me about Magickal Living. Now don’t worry if you don’t know anything about the aforementioned theme. There are no stupid questions. And if you do know what it’s about, erudite and snarky questions are equally welcome. Please make me laugh, make me think, and extricate me from the coma (comma?) that has become my life.

This is also your opportunity to bring your blog to my attention because if I like your question, I’m going to visit your blog. I’m going to post and friend you on Facebook and invite you to my LinkedIn as well. You have been forewarned.

In the meantime, here’s a li’l something to get your juices rolling.

Anatomy of the Shadow

I’m sure you’ve read about the Shadow Self in one psychology book or another, but how do magickal people view this prickly psychological construct?  I like to have a coffee clatch, imaginary of course but it works for me. Another magickal genius has board meetings, which is congruent with his high-powered lifestyle as an executive. My musician son prefers to audition his shadows and, if possible, hold a jam session.

So what is the Shadow Self? Take this moment to write down what you think a Shadow Self is. Write down some grist for your mill about this bogey (wo-)man of the psyche. Let it flow. Don’t worry about how it might read because you want to communicate with your subconscious mind. That means free-form, stream of consciousness. I’ll give you about fifteen minutes.

When you are done, click here.

Hocus Pocus?

A “published” writer since the tender age of 12, IO KIRKWOOD’S fantasy short stories have graced the pages of many a school literary magazine. She set aside her dreams of writing to raise a family but the fever never quite left.

Io’s genre runs towards dark, urban and ultimately pagan fantasy. As one of the co-founders of Clan Bradan, an eclectic Feri trad, her world view infuses the alternate historical worlds she creates.

Io is also working on a non-fiction book, The Art of Magickal Living, in which she brings a unique perspective to why and how “Hocus Pocus,” also known as Magick, works despite the materialism and atheism of our modern world.

As an avid reader, Io believes that her desire to create the written word should be informed by the needs of her potential readers. She is working on a number of fiction and non-fiction projects and wants your input.

Visit here often to see what Io has up her sleeve and you may have a hand in her next creation.