Subatomic Revolts

For fiction writing that’s “fun, interesting, well written, and a solid adventure” look no further. I.O. Kirkwood’s newest short-story is part of NO REVOLUTION IS TOO BIG, a series edited by best-selling author Mike Lynch (Helping Hands Press).

No Revolution - cover 2

Rescue Brokers are one of the most notorious professions known in the galaxy, and the most benevolent, for the right price. Of them all, Stelfson has set himself apart. He has transformed himself into human and taken on an advanced raced threatening another with extinction, been hired to free an enslaved civilization no bigger than a micron from their overlords, and journeyed to the other side of the universe to try and stop a world eater with an unquenchable appetite for every planet that comes its way. Sit down and strap yourself in for ten adventures that are sure to grab a hold of you and never let go until the last page. #NoRevolutionIsTooBig


Volume One: No Revolution Is Too Big by Mike Lynch – available now on AMAZON, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo– only 99¢!

Matt Rodgers considered himself a budding writer with a promising literary future, but two failed papers in his college writing class have all but shattered his dreams. All that changes when an acerbic alien unexpectedly lands in his backyard and offers him the opportunity of a lifetime.


Volume Two: Subatomic Revolt by I.O. Kirkwood – available now on AMAZON – only 99¢!

Stelfson is faced with the ultimate threat: a world-eater is on the loose and all that stands between the universe and annihilation is one rescue broker extraordinaire and a seemingly ordinary girl with a secret past. Will he awaken his partner’s dormant abilities and collect on what amounts to a galactic ransom? Or will Stelfson ride an event horizon into the abyss, knowing there are some probabilities that even he can’t predict. #SubatomicRevolt


Volume Three: The Eye of Time by Carole Bell – available now on AMAZON – only 99¢!

Stelfson returns to earth and recruits Matt once again; this time to put up a scutamin-delta-9 device in a desperate attempt to avert the Coalition’s invasion of the planet. #TheEyeOfTime


Scribes Valley Publishing 11th Annual Fiction Contest

I am delighted to announce that I am one of 11 finalists! “The White Carpet” will be published in the Finalists’ Anthology sometime in 2014.

Meanwhile, visit the site to enter your submission for the 12th Annual Fiction Contest.

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